1. No Power

• Check the main power cable and make sure it is plugged into a suitable power outlet.
• Check that the main supply is switch on.
• Connect the power cable to a different power outlet.

2. No Picture

• Check the power indicator of the Set Top Box located at the front panel. (Press the POWER button on the Set Top Box or Remote Control)

• Make sure that the Audio Video or HDMI Cable is properly connected to the TV.

• Make sure that the cable is connected to the Set Top Box.

• Check the brightness level of the TV.

• Check Video Input (modern TV’s has up to 2-3 video input)

• Perform Automatic Search procedure
• Call Customer Service (02) 817-7000 to check if the channel is currently on air.

4. Poor Picture

• Check Audio Video or HDMI cable is properly connected

• Move antenna to a different point or location (you may have to extend the antenna cable).

4. No or Poor Sound Quality

• Check Audio Video / HDMI cable is properly connected.

• Check the volume levels of your TV set and the Set Top Box.

• Check if the TV or Set Top Box is on mute.

• Check the soundtrack option or audio-output type (left, right, mono, speaker)

5. Remote Control does not operate.

• To control the Set Top Box, the top end of the remote control should point directly towards the receiving part of the product (front panel).
• Remove and reinsert the batteries in the remote control.
• Replace the batteries in the remote control for a new set.

6. Only Free-to-air channels are showing.

• Make sure that your account has been registered.
• Check account subscription/validity.
• Perform Factory Reset and Automatic Search procedure.
• Switch FTA located on Channel Search from “YES” to “NO”
• Contact EasyTV customer service (02) 817-7000 for assistance.

Factory Reset Procedure

• On the remote control, press Menu, go to System and select Factory Setting.
• then input password (the password can be “0000”)

• Then select YES, and press OK button (proceed to automatic search procedure)

Automatic Search Procedure

• On the remote control, press Menu, go to Channel Search and select Auto Search.

• After scanning, a message will appear “SEARCH FINISHED” found # TV Channels. Press ok then exit.

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