1. What is EasyTV Home?

EasyTV Home is a Super Digibox that functions both as a Digital Receiver and Media Player. It allows you access to available digital free-to-air TV networks, together with EasyTV’s own selection of premium channels. Plus, you can play content from your hard drive thru the USB port.

2. What's included in the package?

For only P2,999, you get the EasyTV Home box kit that includes the ff:

a. Set Top Box
b. Remote Control Unit w/ 2 AAA battery
c. Power Adaptor
d. AV Cable
e. Magnetic Indoor Antenna
f. User Manual
g. First purchase of EASY TV Home entitles you to a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION

3. Where can I avail the EasyTV Home Super Digibox?

You can purchase EasyTV Home Super Digibox from any of our authorized dealers.

4. What are the TV channels available on EasyTV?

As of May 2018 EasyTV Home is currently offering:

1. ETC (FTA)                          9. Zoo Moo
2. Jack TV                             10. Aniplus
3. Solar Sports                      11. K Plus
4. MTV PH                            12. History
5. Gone Viral TV                  13. BTV
6. Zee Sine                            14. NBA Premium
7. Outdoor                            15. Boo
8. Shop TV

*Channels such as GMA, ABS CBN, TV 5 and other Digital Free To Air channels are also available (may vary depending on your location).

5. What's the signal coverage of EasyTV?

EasyTV is currently available in Metro Manila only. As of May 2018, the best broadcast reception areas for the EasyTV channels are Quezon City, Marikina, Taguig, Muntinlupa, Pasig, North Caloocan and East Antipolo. The area where the digibox will be used, the placement of the antenna, and structures blocking the broadcast transmission may affect the reception of the premium EasyTV channels. More areas will have better signal reception soon!

6. What are the subscription/packages available?

EasyTV Home is currently offering YEARLY subscription. The first purchase of the box kit costs P2,999 with free ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION. You can renew your subscription with EASY Super Plan 999, a ONE YEAR ALL-ACCESS PACKAGE

7. What should I do to access other channels that are not available on my subscription plan?

Feel free to let us know of your channel wishlist and we’ll be glad to consider them in our future subscription package.

8. How many HD channels do you have?

EasyTV Home is not offering HD Channels as of the moment.

9. What are the mode of payments for my subscription?

You may renew your subscription by choosing any of the following payment modes:

a. Cash via our Payment Centers (any Paymaya load up channels and partners)
b. Credit/Debit Card thru or the EasyTV app available to MasterCard and VISA at the moment and PayMaya as well.

10. What happens if I fail to pay my subscription?

After your subscription expires, your access will only be limited to local free-to-air TV channels.

11. Can I transfer my remaining subscription to other Set Top Box?

Yes, if the Set Top Box is found to be defective you may transfer your remaining EasyTV subscription to your new account. Email your request in [email protected] for transfer of subscription. Please indicate your old and new Smart Card ID.

12. Are dealers allowed to renew subscriptions on customers' behalf?

No, but the dealers will be happy to assist you with subscription renewal and payment modes.

13. Does the EasyTV set top box come with warranty?

Yes, the set top box unit of EasyTV Home comes with a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase. Keep your official receipt for warranty purposes.

14. Do you have Service Centers?

Service Centers are currently unavailable. For defective units, subscribers can directly coordinate with their dealer within the warranty period of 6 months from the date of purchase for REPLACEMENT.

Terms and Condition:
a. The dealer will check the subcriber’s official receipt and the Set Top Box
b. The dealer will check if warranty seal on the Set Top Box is intact
c. Any signs of misuse or mishandling will void the warranty of the Set Top Box.

15. Do you replace defective remote control, power adaptor and antenna?

The warranty does not cover the remote control, power adaptor and magnetic antenna. To avail a replacement, you may coordinate directly with your dealer.

16. Can I install the EasyTV Home in my car?

Yes. Since EasyTV Home operates on 12v, it can be wired into your vehicle’s electrical system.

17. If the car dealer has installed and altered the power chord/RCA of the Easy TV to fit in the vehicle, will it void my warranty?

No. Your 6-month replacement warranty will still be honored.

18. How do I set up and activate my EasyTV Home?

To register your EasyTV Home Set Top Box, go to or download the mobile app on the Playstore.
You may also call EasyTV Home Activation 02 461-0800.
Connect the Audio Video cable (you may also use HDMI cable) on the TV and Set Top Box.
Connect the indoor antenna cable to the set top box socket of RF IN.(You can get stronger signal using standard outdoor antenna).
Connect the 12V power supply to the Set Top Box and plug it to the wall socket then turn on your TV set and STB.
Go to channel search by pressing the menu on EasyTV Home remote control,
then choose Auto Search to scan channels available in your area.
You can now watch and enjoy EasyTV Home programs.

19. What are the required information for EasyTV registration?

EasyTV requires the following information:

A. Smart Card ID                    F. Password
B. Username                          G. E-mail
C. Mobile #                             H. Birthdate
D. First Name                         I. Address
E. Last Name

20. What if I don't have an email address?

Dealer may create e-mail address to register your EasyTV account or contact EasyTV Activation0977 795 1218 (Globe) or 0949 966 0838 (Smart) for assistance.

21. Where can I put my antenna?

An antenna is provided for together with the receiver. This can be situated in any part of your house indoors or outdoors preferably at a location with the strongest signal reception. You may have to extend the antenna cable.

22. Can I use different antenna?

Yes, you can use other UHF antennas
*For outdoor antenna: switch “OFF” the antenna power in Channel Search settings of your Set Top Box.

23. How to use scanner if you choose to activate the STB through the EasyTV mobile app. (activation can also be done via the EasyTV website or by phone)

a. Choose Open Scanner on the EasyTV mobile app.
b. Position your phone camera so the red line shown on screen runs horizontal across the product barcode.

24. Can I hook up 2 TVs to 1 Set Top Box and get different channels on both?

No, the box is designed to support 1 TV. Technically, it is possible to hook up 1 box to 2 TVs, however, both TVs will always show the same channel.

25. Is the EasyTV app free of charge?

Yes, you may download it on the Play Store (only available for android devices)

26. I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

Log on to the EasyTV mobile app or the EasyTV website and click “Forgot Password”. Enter your email to retrieve your password.

27. I forgot my Set Top Box password, how can I retrieve or reset the password.

Call our Customer Support Hotline for assistance. The Customer Support Agent will send adjustment in our system
to restore the default password of the Set Top Box.

28. How do I retrieve my smart card number?

a. You can get your Smart Card Number at the packaging flap.
b. Your Smart Card Number can also be found at the bottom of the Set Top Box.
c. You can search for your Smart Card Number on your TV screen.
Press Menu on the remote control.
Go to System Settings, then press OK.
Select Conditional Access then choose Smart Card Info.

29. Do you have Parental Lock?

a. On the remote control, press Menu, go to Channel List.
b. Select Parental Lock.
c. You can now set pin codes inside this option.

30. How do I setup My Favorite List?

a. On the remote control, press Menu, go to Channel List and select TV Channel List.
b. Choose the channels you want to add to your favorite by pressing the “FAV”button on the RCU.
c. Exit the main menu afterwards.
d. Press the “FAV”button on the remote control to show the list of your favorite channels in corresponding groups.

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